Mimi Garrard Dance Theatre Reviews

  • “Mimi Garrard: A Step Ahead of Her Time”

    Charlotte Observer

  • “Remarkably Advanced Choreography”

    Berkshire Eagle

  • “Garrard: Kind of Mind-Stretch an Arts Festival Should Offer”

    Jackson Daily News

  • “Garrard’s work gives us the feeling that there is meaning in the universe, that we should neither overlook the everyday detail nor miss the overall humor.”

    Dance Magazine

  • “A Step beyond Mixed Media: Mimi Garrard Fuses Art and Technology.”

    New York Times

  • “Her latest program was one of immaculatedly executed dances
    fairly glowing with an intimate and idiosyncratic warmth. ”

    United Press International

  • “It is refreshing to see real wit motivating every action, rather than the mindless improvization which too often is foisted off on the public.”

    Hartford Times

  • “The works were of the sort that stick in the mind, memorable as much for their solidity of structure as for the sheer beauty and psychological potency of their images. ”

    St. Louis Globe Democrat

  • Movement, scenery, and production were combined to beautiful and meaningful effect.

    New York Times

Recent Reviews

The performance presented by the Mimi Garrard Dance Theatre showed a surprisingly high quality. The company as a whole has a strong technical level and displays with skill Garrard’s six perfectly structured choreographies.

Alejandro Yori, El Commercio, Lima, Peru

Mimi Garrard and her dancers were good company in an evening of literate playful dance on Saturday night. Part of the pleasure of her four new pieces was the way Ms. Garrard played with spatial form. She used bodies as straight verticals and curving shapes. She also sent those bodies out into circumscribed but nonetheless bountiful-seeming space along hard-edged geometric and voluptuous winding paths, sometimes in synchrony and then splitting slightly.

Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

In Ms. Garrard’s ingenious new Renderings, Laurie Bulman and Steffany George danced sometimes in unison, sometimes in counterpoint but always as if each were the other’s alter ego. Even when they were not looking directly at each other, they seemed bounded by some mysterious sixth sense. Renderings was clever and formally compact.

Jack Anderson, The New York Times

Garrard organizes big, sentient dancing into elegantly composed structures.

Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

Within a consistently high level of work, the premiere of Romanze, with music by Franze Schubert, and performed by Laurie Bulman, Steffany George, and Akari Sasaki, was outstanding. This piece is remarkable for its compositional integrity and the creativity of its movements.

Paul Cavalie, Revista

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