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I Celebrate Myself

December 2017

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Directed by Mimi Garrard
Dancer: Marcus Jarell Willis
Choreography: Mimi Garrard with Marcus Jarell Willis
Camera, editing, and music: Mimi Garrard Costume: Frank Garcia

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The Mimi Garrard Dance Company has intrigued and delighted audiences across the country and abroad, and has, as the Los Angeles Times put it, “opened eyes, stretched ears, caused laughter, and provoked thoughts.” The company has toured extensively since 1973. It has performed at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, been commis­sioned for CBS Camera Three and WGBH Boston television productions, as well as presented annual concerts in New York and residency programs for colleges and community centers throughout the United States. On three occasions it has performed as part of an international dance festival, Danza Nueva, in Lima, Peru. The com­pany’s repertory of over 90 works choreographed by Mimi Garrard is one of the largest in the modern dance field.
Forging a New Career

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Forging a New Career

The works have evolved and changed over the years, but they reflect Garrard’s interest in pure movement, theater, and multi-media.

Most recently Mimi Garrard is experimenting in new ways, creating dance for video using digital techniques to transform the dance material. Her work in this area is unique and is gaining increasing attention. She has a monthly program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and has recently been sponsored by Channel 13 on its Metro Arts Channel. WAMtv (World, Art, and Music), based in Scotland, is currently featuring her videos worldwide.

In addition to the United States, her video work has been shown in numerous festivals in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Recently, Velez October Circles was shown on the BBC Big Screen throughout England five times a day for two weeks. Time Installation was placed in the permanent collection of the Mississipi Museum of Art. Doctrine of Signatures and Dream State were shown at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in a program honoring Alwin Nikolais. She has had two one-woman presentations in São Carlos, Brazil. She received a lifetime achievement award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters for her out­standing achievement in dance, both for her work on stage and her work for video. She has created 153 programs for Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Review: Mimi Garrard and Friends

Mimi Garrard, a disciple of the genius choreographic innovator
Alwin Nikolais, is still experimenting as her mentor did all his life.

Mimi Garrard and Dancers at the New York Live Arts displayed her creativity and a mind that is ever open to experimentation, combining expressive solos, all premieres with ever changing video backdrops that mimicked, commented on and played on the movements performed by two expres­sive solosists Austin Selden and Demetia Hopkins Greene.... A full house of serious modern dance enthsiasts were rewarded by a thoughtful evening of dance.

Review by Joel Benjamin ~ To see the full review go to

Demetia Hopkins Greene

Festivals 2018

     Dancer: Marcus Jarell Willis
     Music: Jonathan Melville Pratt
     Costume: Frank Garcia
     Direction, Camera, Editing: Mimi Garrard

February 22, 2018, Virgin Spring Cinefest, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

I Celebrate Myself
     Dancer: Marcus Jarell Willis
     Direction, Camera, Editing, Music: Mimi Garrard
     Costume: Frank Garcia

January 31, 2018, Five Continents International Film Festival , Puerto la Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela
January 31, 2018, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

Notes from Einstein
     Dancer: Samuel Roberts
     Direction, Camera, Editng, Music: Mimi Garrard

January 26, 2018, Arthouse Asia, Kolkata, India

Festivals 2017

     Dancer: Dai Jian
     Direction and Music: Mimi Garrard

August 21, 2017, Festival Internacional VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 4, 2017, FIVC, International Videodance Festival of Chile, Santiago, Chile

     Dancer: Dai Jian
     Choreography: Mimi Garrard with Dai Jian
     Direction, Camera, Editing, and Music: Mimi Garrard

November 2, 2017, FROSTBITE InternationaL Indie Fest, Colorado Springs, Colorado

     Dancer: Marcus Jarell Willis
     Music: Jonathan Melville Pratt
     Costume: Frank Garcia
     Direction, Camera, Editing: Mimi Garrard

January 23, 2017, Dance on Screen, Short Films at Roxey Ballet, Lambertville, New Jersey
March 25, 2017, Arthouse Asia. Kolkata, India
May 19, 2017, Flying Frame Film Festival, Simpson, Illinois
May 30, 2017, Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, Online-USA
Summer 2017, Winner Best Choreography, AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 22, 2017, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (HKAFF), China
June 30, 2017, First Place Award for Best Experimental Film, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland
September 22, 2017, Official Selection San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema 2017, Boulder, Colorado
November 4–6, 2017, São Carlos Videodance Festival, São Carlos, Brazil
November 5, 2017, Roma Cinema DOC, Rome, Italy

Notes from Einstein
     Dancer: Samuel Roberts
     Direction, Camera, Editng, Music: Mimi Garrard

June 1, 2017, Frostbite International Film FestivaL Colorado Springs, Colorado
November 7, 2017, Los Angeles CineFest, Los Angeles
December 9, 2017, International Online Web Fest, London, England
October 5, 2017, Indian Peacock International Film Festival, West Bengal, India
October 20, 2017, LID OFF Film Festival, Lucas, Kansas
December 9, 2017, Canada Shorts—Canadian & International Short Film Fest, Vancouvr, British Columbia

A Single Hound
     Dancer: Austin Selden
     Choreography: Mimi Garrard with Austin Selden
     Costume: Mindy Nelson
     Direction, Camera, Editing, and Music: Mimi Garrard

November 4–6, 2017, São Carlos Videodance Festival, São Carlos, Brazil

     Dancer: Austin Selden
     Music: Glen Velez
     Direction, Camera, Editing: Mimi Garrard

October 25, 2017, Woodengate Film Festival, Bata Mare, Maramures, Romania
November 1, 2017, New York Short Film Tuesdays 2017, Brooklyn, New York
November 7, 2017, Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami, Florida
November 2017, Best Video Art, Five Continents International Film Festival, Lecheria, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Videodances on Cable TV and Streaming Video

Mimi Garrard’s “videodances” are featured on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Channels 56, 34, and 83 on cable in Manhattan only on Sundays at 5 p.m. They are also simultaneously Webcast with streaming video at www.mnn.org.

DVDs of all 187 programs can be purchased for $39 for each program (includes shipping and handling). For more information, please contact the Mimi Garrard Dance Company.
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